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Thanks to capsules and topical treatments designed to stop fleas in their tracks, flea collars are on the way out. There are many cat owners who simply can't afford the more expensive treatments, however, or prefer to rely on the tried-and-true method that they've used on their pets for years. 

The market is still overflowing with flea collars, however, and figuring out what is right for your pet may seem overwhelming. Don't let this stress you out, though. We've done the work for you, and found that the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar is the best collar for your cat. And if that doesn't work, there are some great alternatives that are sure to meet your needs.

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Our Score 9.8 Out of 10
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Bayer Seresto Flea Collar — The Best of the Best

Our Score 9.8 out of 10
Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Cats
Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Cats Check price

With its innovative delivery system, the Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Collar for Cats & Kittens offers a breakthrough in tick and flea control for your furry feline. This veterinarian-recommended tr...

You've trusted Bayer with the health of both you and your human loved ones for years, so why not also trust it with your pet's well-being? 

This flea collar uses two active ingredients (Flumethrin and Imidacloprid) to stop fleas in their tracks. It does so by paralyzing and inhibiting the growth of adult fleas. Even better is the fact that it works on larvae as well, so whether your cat just has a few fleas or has a full infestation, you've got your pet covered.

The benefits are that you don't have to hold your cat down and try to cover them in a greasy product or coax them into eating a capsule. There is even a strap that your cat can break if they begin to panic and their collar is caught. Your cat won't be able to remove the collar by scratching, but if it's on the run from the neighborhood dog, your cat won't get caught on a branch. If you buy this collar from Amazon, it also comes with a reflector clip that will keep your cat visible at night. 

The collar also repels fleas and ticks, so there's no fear of future infestations. Even better is the fact that this collar lasts an astonishing eight months, meaning you don't have to worry about changing out the collar every other month or so.

As with all good things, there is a downside. The price for the Bayer Seresto Flea Collar is rather expensive. There is also a possibility that your cat is sensitive to it and may have an allergic reaction.

That being said, you only have to buy the collar once every eight months, and the side effects are very mild. In fact, it's been found to be suitable for cats that are too sensitive for other collars.

ShengKou Flea and Tick Prevention

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
Flea and Tick Collar for Cat, Made with Natural Plant Based Essential Oil, Safe and Effective Repels Fleas and Ticks, Waterproof, 12 Months Protection, Fits Cat and Small Dog (2 Packs)
Flea and Tick Collar for Cat, Made with Natural Plant Based Essential Oil, Safe and Effective Repels Fleas and Ticks, Waterproof, 12 Months Protection, Fits Cat and Small Dog (2 Packs) Check price

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE COLLAR: ShengKou collars include the most effective all-natural formula used by leading brands in the pet care industry, We use citronella and other safe formulas, Our flea and t...

While the ShengKou Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats can't quite keep up with the Bayer Seresto Flea Collar, it's close enough. It's got an incredible 4.3-star rating from 2,055 reviews on Amazon, which is no easy feat. 

It offers up to eight months of protection and will repel fleas, ticks, and even lice. The active ingredients are distributed evenly over your cat's skin in low doses. 

An emergency breaking point will allow your cat to remove the collar in an emergency. It's also water resistant, so bathing your cat isn't quite such a chore, and you don't have to worry that the active ingredients will stop working if your cat gets caught out in the rain.

Speaking of active ingredients, for those who like to go all natural, this is a great choice. The active ingredients are lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and linaloe oil. 

So far, no one has reported any side effects on Amazon, and the price is stellar. That being said, it is a fairly new product, so keep that in mind if you are considering purchasing it for your cat.

Duuda Cat Flea and Tick Collar — Best Flea Collar for Your Budget

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
Duuda 2 Pack Dogs Flea Tick Collar - 8 Months Flea Collar Dog Protection - Waterproof, Adjustable Flea Collar for Dogs with Natural Essential Oils
Duuda 2 Pack Dogs Flea Tick Collar - 8 Months Flea Collar Dog Protection - Waterproof, Adjustable Flea Collar for Dogs with Natural Essential Oils Check price

ELIMINATES PESTS FOR 8 MONTHS: This collar can repel flea, tick, lice, mosquito and other common seen pests on dogs up to 8 months. Each collar infused with natural herbals and essential oils that ...

Cheap isn't always bad, especially if you're on a budget, and the Duuda Cat Flea and Tick Collar does the trick. You can buy two collars for less than you can buy one in many cases, and it has some great reviews on Amazon. 

It works on both cats and dogs thanks to all natural ingredients, so if you have both a cat and a dog, you can buy one set of collars without fear of harmful effects on your pets.

Like the other products on this list, it lasts up to eight months and is waterproof. The manufacturer claims that it is safe for cats, allergy free, and eco friendly. It's made from citronella oil, peppermint oil, and lemongrass oil, giving it a pleasant, chemical-free smell.

Beloved Pets Flea and Tick Collar for Cats — Best Flea Collar for Anyone Looking to go All-Natural

Our Score 8.8 out of 10
Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats - Natural Flea Treatment for Pets Kittens Puppies - Flea Prevention Up to 6 Months -Non-Allergic Repellent - Immediate Flea Control (Small)
Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats - Natural Flea Treatment for Pets Kittens Puppies - Flea Prevention Up to 6 Months -Non-Allergic Repellent - Immediate Flea Control (Small) Check price

✅Effective and long-lasting (up to 6 month) flea and tick control. Flea and tick prevention for dogs and cats kills parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and provides long-lasting flea tick co...

It's no secret that chemicals can be harmful, especially for your beloved pets who can't tell you when something burns or makes the itch worse. So why wait to find out your new flea collar is causing harm to your pet only when the symptoms are severe?

That's where all natural products come in. There might still be some symptoms, but they aren't as severe as collars that use chemicals for the main ingredients.

Beloved Pets claims its collar can last up to six months, but that might be a bit of a stretch. It does have good reviews on Amazon, however.

The main ingredients include rosemary oil, citronella oil, geranium oil, lemongrass oil, and soybean oil. Many reviewers stated the collar has a pleasant smell, while a few report that there is a slight chemical smell. The citronella is designed to repel fleas.

This flea collar is recommended for pets that are pregnant, lactating, sick, convalescent, or have allergies. 

It does not seem to have a breaking point, however, so if you have an outdoor cat that may find itself trapped by the collar, you might want to reconsider the Beloved Pets collar.

So How Does a Flea Collar Work Anyway?

Now that you've got an idea of some good flea collars that are currently on the market, let's take a minute to learn about how flea collars work. While it might sound all magical in nature, there is a science behind how flea collars work.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, keep in mind that brushing and combing your cat's fur in conjunction with using a collar will go a long ways toward keeping your pet flea free. Also, if your cat already has a severe infestation, you might need to talk to your vet about a topical solution.

Shoo Flea, Shoo

Most flea collars work by emitting a gas that acts as a repellent to keep fleas from jumping on your cat. This can either soak into the fat layer of your cat's skin or will only work in the area near the collar. That's why you should check and see how the collar works. All of the collars on this list protect your cat's  entire body.

Treating the Source

If your cat already has fleas, your next goal is probably getting rid of them. That's where the medication comes in. Many collars have a medication that seeps into your cat's fat layer and is then spread throughout the body when your cat secretes natural skin oils. 

Again, check the label to see how the medication is spread and furthermore if it repels fleas. It's all good and well if your collar kills fleas, but you also want to prevent your cat from getting them in the first place.

Is This Flea Collar Safe for My Cat?

Flea collars have come a long way, but there are still many products on the market that just aren't safe. That's why it's important to do your research and speak to your vet before trying out a new flea collar, especially if your cat has known allergies or sensitivities.

Too Tight vs Just Right

Finding a collar that is snug, but not too tight, is important, especially if you have a kitten who is going through a growth spurt. There is another fear for many pet owners as well, and that's a choking hazard.

It's a serious risk that shouldn't be overlooked. If your cat is an outdoor cat or even if they live indoors, there is a chance that your cat can get caught on something thanks to the collar. If that's the case, then your cat could choke.

There are many collars now that are designed with breakaway straps to prevent choking. Your cat can break the collar themselves by struggling, meaning they might turn up collar free, but still safe and sound. Not all collars come equipped with this feature, however, so keep that in mind when checking out new products.

Allergic Reaction Signs and Symptoms

Chemical products are great when they work the way they're supposed to. When your cat is breaking out or has chemical burns, it can be very serious, however. This is a condition known as flea collar dermatitis, and it is something that you need to keep an eye on. Some symptoms you should be aware of are loss of fur, reddening of the skin, and in rare and extreme cases, death. 

You don't have to try out a collar and just hope for the best, though. A simple test from your vet can let you know what your cat is allergic to, so you can avoid this situation altogether. Keep an eye on your own skin and that of any kids your cat is around as humans can react to some chemicals used in collars as well.

How Exactly do You Pick the Right Collar?

The best way to avoid picking a bad collar is to do your research. Go with trusted brands, speak to your vet, and talk to others who have tried that particular collar. Also keep in mind that just because a product uses essential oils doesn't mean that your cat may not be allergic to them. 

Find a collar that fits your cat, and then check to make sure you don't need to loosen or tighten it. Finally, keep an eye on the area around the collar for signs of flea collar dermatitis. 

Fleas can be detrimental to your cat's health, but so can the wrong collar. So be vigilant, do your research, and don't forget to give your cat lots of love and affection.

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